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Security Patches

Avoid security concerns by having patches applied to your servers.

Improve Uptime

Increase your uptime with our completely redundant infrastructure & 24/7 monitoring.

In-Place Upgrades

Enjoy new hardware and resources without the stress of downtime or un-needed migrations.

Amazing Support

Eliminate slow, bad, or non-existent support issues you've encountered in the past.

Increased Performance

We use better equipment than any other host we've seen. Come experience the difference.

Custom Solutions

Whether you need a single server or an enterprise level solution such as IaaS we got you covered.

You Shouldn't Have To Focus On Your Servers

We Will Remove Your Downtime And Unreliable Server Frustrations









Team Members

Small or Huge, we have Solutions of every size

Utilize our server management expertise to help your company with faster servers and better uptime.

  • Load Balancing

    Increase your performance, uptime and maintenance options by load balancing your application servers. Our server team will take care of implementing the Load Balancing option for you.

  • Geo-Failover

    With Geo-Failover, you are further protecting your application servers by having your application servers in two (or more) different data center locations. Most customers utilizing Geo-Failover have their application servers load balanced at each data center location also.

  • Strategic Partner & Best Support Team

    Our goal is to help you succeed. We do this by being your strategic IT partner. Whether you need best practice suggestions, server or performance recommendations, our server engineers are here for you; 24/7/365.

  • Fastest Cloud Servers

    Hostek runs some of the fastest servers available. Customers are often delighted to find the increase in speed on our servers.

  • Best Support Team

    Our 24/7 UK based support team leads the industry in customer satisfaction. Whether you have a single server or a full infrastructure, our team is here for you.

  • In-place Server Upgrades

    Your server can grow with your needs. Easily upgrade to a bigger package or just add the specific resource you need. Many customers later add load balancing to their mix as they grow. This too can be done with no downtime

  • Application Specific Servers

    Most customers find that by splitting their application or web site and database onto different servers, they achieve overall performance improvements.

  • Private vLAN For Secure Traffic

    We can enable a free vLAN for you to handle your data securely to or from the database server via a vLAN from the application/web server.

  • Load Balancing Servers

    By load balancing your servers, you can achieve even greater uptime by being able to reboot for security patches without bringing down your site or application.

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Our continually expanding data centres are strategically located across the globe to provide uncompromising reliability and performance.

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