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Protect your business from cyberattacks
as low as £19.99 /month

Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

The Firewall only offers protection against hacks and attacks. If you have already become a victim of a hack then we would recommend purchasing our Malware Clean Up Service as well as the Firewall Service to protect your websites going forward.

  • Secure Web
  • Secure Web Plus

Secure Web

Starting Only

£19.99 /month

(Annual Payments)

Secure Web Plus

Starting Only

£29.99 /month

(Annual Payments)

Daily Malware Detection and Removal
Comprehensive Risk Analysis
Daily Vulnerability Detection and Patching
SiteLock Trust Seal
Stop Hackers (WAF)
Faster performance via CDN
Prevent bad bots
Block OWASP Top 10

Features & Benefits

Get Website Protection And Performance With A Professional Team To Help.

  • WAF


    Protect your website(s) with the Website Application Firewall (WAF) that stops website hacks and attacks. The WAF algorithms in place are continually evolving and allow us to accomplish industry leading levels of detection and mitigation of evolving threats.

    • Instantly Block Hackers
    • DDoS Mitigation
    • Geo Blocking - Block Individual Countries
    • Daily Scans for Malware/Viruses/Spam
    • Aggressive Bot Filtering
    • Prevents Zero Day Exploits
  • WP Performance


    Our content delivery network (CDN) will help make your site faster and highly available across the world. Your site visitors will notice a huge improvement in performance with the website cached behind all secure data centers in our CDN network.

    • Smart Caching Options
    • HTTP/2 Support
    • Optimization via GZIP Compression
    • Reduced Server Load
    • Works with Other CDNs

Did You Know?

Over 30,000 websites are reported to be compromised every day. The most common reason for hacked sites is out of date software, plugins, or themes on CMS based sites (such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.).

  • wordpress web application firewall

    What is the Firewall?

    The WAF filters out bad and malicious traffic using algorithms. This includes hack attempts, DDoS attacks, SQL Injection, Zero Day Exploits, & More.

  • SSL Certificates

    Free SSL Certificates

    All sites behind this service are provided with free Comodo SSL certificates to secure your website. This service can work with custom SSLs as well.

  • Who is it for

    Who is it for?

    Any website owner or business that wants to stop worrying about website security and have it managed on their behalf by trusted and experienced professionals.

  • Who is it not for

    Who is it not for?

    Website owners and server administrators who prefer to develop and implement their own DIY approach to website protection, monitoring, and remediation.

The Firewall & CDN Includes

There are no complicated configuration or installation instructions


Industry Leading Research

With extensive ongoing research into website hacks and exploits, our team of experts are able to build security tools that respond to a world of constantly evolving cyber threats.


Built for Your Website

It doesn’t matter how your website was built. Whether it's a Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal CMS or built using custom code, your web server and database are safe with us.


Free Setup

There are no complicated configuration or installation instructions to follow. Hostek's amazing support team will take care of the set up for you, allowing you to sit back and relax!

Is Your Site Already Hacked or Blacklisted?

Has your website become compromised with malware? We can help!

Hostek has teamed up with SiteLock, a world leader in compromised site recovery and protection, to bring you a solution that is both affordable and quick for cleaning up compromised websites. As a result of being a SiteLock partner, we are able to offer you this service at a lower price than if you were to go through SiteLock directly.

Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

Web Application Firewall & Content Delivery Network