Data Center Locations

A data center is where your server will be located. Hostek offers a variety of data center locations.

Our data centers are strategically locationed in the Central US (St. Louis, MO) , East Coast US (Northern VA)
and in the UK (Reading, UK)

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St. Louis Data Center

St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

Our St. Louis location, a Tier 3 data center, is strategically located in the heart of the U.S. and is home to the most connected building in St. Louis. This was our first location and continues to be a great choice by many customers due to its central location.

Ashburn, Virginia (USA)

Our Ashburn VA location, a Tier 3 data center, was strategically selected for many reasons. A couple of those reasons are that 1) has the largest fiber backbone in the United States and 2) a great central location in relation to the NorthEast and East Coast U.S. population density.

Ashburn Data Center
Reading Data Center

Reading (UK)

Our Reading, UK Data Center location, a Tier 4 Data Center, just outside of London is a great choice for anyone needing server or application hosting in the UK or anywhere in the European Union and beyond. We have built a fully redundant infrastructure top down based on our extensive experience.

This new Data Center location has completely new Dell Compute and Dell Enterprise grade Storage (Compellent), running full SSD for optimized peformance.

Kungälv, Sweden

Our Tier 3 Data Center in Kungälv is probably one of the most secure data centers in Sweden, northen Europe. The facility was orignally buit to host mainframe computers according to military grade security. It has since been modernized with new technology but we have of course kept all the great things in regards of security and expanded on that with geographicaly redundant fiber connections.

The Data Center runs on 100% renewable energy and is optimized to reduce energy waste.

Ashburn Data Center
Reading Data Center

Karlskrona, Sweden

In Karlskrona in south east Sweden, northen Europe, we have a robust and secure facility well connected with redundant fiber. Our Tier 3 Data Center in Karlskrona resides in a building dating all the way back to 1905, renovated in recent years to run with modern infrastructure.

Vilnius, Lithuania

In Vilnius, Lithuania, we have a Modern Tier III data center certified according to the highest standards of the Uptime Institute. It is a building-in-a-building concept, 600 m2 of raised floor space, 139 server racks capacity and 6 x 146 kW cooling capacity. The Data Center in Lithuania is called Rack Ray.

Ashburn Data Center
Reading Data Center

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Our data center in Atlanta services many local businesses by offering secure and reliable colocation, cloud, compliance, and disaster recovery services for complete hybrid IT data solutions.

Enfield, London, UK

Our datacentre is located in Enfield , London , UK. The facility offers complete redundancy in protected power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity and on-site manned security. The site exceeds Tier III standards and operates on 100% Renewable Power as part of our Green initiative.

Ashburn Data Center