200% SLA Information

Silver and Business Level VPS

For our Silver and Business level VPS customers, we offer a 200% SLA on our 99.999% uptime guarantee.

What does this mean?

For any downtime outside of software and/or security updates, and scheduled maintenance, we will provide a credit on your account at 200% of the calculated time. For example, if your site if unavailable for five (5) minutes, we will provide a credit of ten (10) minutes based on your monthly plan.

Successful Customers

Helping customers be successful with their IT needs is one of our key goals. We have found that our most successful customers have completed a no hassle free consultation with one of our server specialists. We take the time to truly understand your needs, your goals and what you are trying to accomplish.

Starter Level VPS

With the Starter VPS level, we are confident in these packages too. We have set the SLA Guarantee at 100% for the Starter VPS, as well as the Shared and Reseller packages.