StudioTranPhotographers' Success Story

StudioTranPhotographers' Success Story

Learn how Studio Tran Photographers, a professional wedding, engagement, and family portrait photography studio, migrated its website to a ColdFusion VPS hosting plan for improved uptime and a better experience for new and existing clients.


"Having a reliable ColdFusion hosting plan and no down-time is essential to our business. provides reliable hosting services that are key to our business."

Corine Tran, Photographer, Editor, and Owner

Founded in June 2005, Studio Tran Photographers is a family-owned family and bridal photography company run by husband-and-wife team Corine and Beebe Tran. The company offers stylish and fresh photography across southeast Louisiana, combining a range of styles to find the right look for weddings, engagements, family portraits, and more.

Studio Tran Photographers' website is primarily a marketing platform designed to inform potential customers about the services available and showcase work carried out for existing clients. Distinctively, the website takes on the form of a blog that is updated with images taken at each wedding or event.

In addition, existing clients can log on to the Studio Tran Photographers website to view their photos digitally.

Before Hostek

Consistent uptime is essential to any business website, but Studio Tran Photographers depends on its website to attract new business and deliver exceptional services to existing clients.

"Our clients love our website and how we post their wedding images on our blog. We also receive enquiries through our website from new clients. If the site goes down, we lose business."

Before joining, the Studio Tran Photographers website was hosted with another provider that could not deliver consistent availability. The website would become unavailable without notice, often for days on end. In addition, with the entire server unavailable, email could not be retrieved, creating a serious customer service issue.

"Our servers crashed twice in a short period of time, resulting in our website and email going down for several days. We knew it was time to make a change and move our site to a more reliable hosting provider."

The Hostek Solution

The Studio Tran Photographers website is managed by an independent web developer, Brock Martin. When the team began to search for a new ColdFusion VPS hosting provider, they reached out to him for help.

"Our website designer recommended, and so did a friend of ours. With two independent recommendations, we got in touch to discuss moving our site across."

When Corine Tran contacted, she was immediately assigned a representative, Jon C., to handle her migration. He described the process of migrating from one ColdFusion VPS to another, including steps that would be taken to maintain uptime, protect data, and make the process as fast as possible.

"The process was so easy and seamless. Jon was able to work with our designer on moving the entire website over from the other hosting company. We had 10-12 GB of content to move, and helped make the process easier on everyone."

Throughout the migration process, Jon C. acted as a consistent point of contact for Studio Tran Photographers, available to answer any questions or conduct troubleshooting. By the end of the migration, Jon had supported Studio Tran Photographers in moving ColdFusion files, MySQL, and images.

"The level of service was excellent. Jon made the transition so easy and kept me and our designer Brock informed of everything, every step of the way. gives us the reliable hosting services we need. But more than that, they deliver great customer service. They helped with the transition and made it effortless, and we know that we can depend on in the future."

To learn more about how can help you migrate your website to a more reliable ColdFusion VPS provider visit or call 918-392-7870 today.