Insurance Claim Contractor

Insurance Claim Contractor

Learn how Insurance Claim Contractor Group, the leading provider of a centralized system of insurance claim vendors, migrated their entire web presence to's powerful and dependable ColdFusion hosting services, without causing large-scale service interruption and loss of revenue.


"'s technical support team made moving away from my previous, less reliable ColdFusion web host almost effortless - and kept the site accessible to customers, even during the move. In every way, I have found's services to be superior to any other ColdFusion hosting provider."

Kristen Birmingham, Owner

About Insurance Claim Contractor Group, LLC was created to support businesses considering advertising on television. Potential TV advertisers can identify the TV Channels that their customers are watching and get a feel for the cost to advertise on these channels during the different times of the day. They can then request a TV plan and be contacted to discuss creative proposals for their TV advert.

About Markat CC

Established in 1998, the Insurance Claim Contractor (ICC) group offers a single, centralized location where claimants can search for a reputable insurance claims vendor. The company has since grown to become a leading source with thousands of companies choosing to advertise their business through the ICC website. As a result, ICC requires a ColdFusion hosting service that can cope with high traffic volumes and provide unrivalled uptime.

Before Hostek

Prior to joining, the ICC website was hosted with another provider, offering ColdFusion web hosting services that were well suited to the initial growth of the business. However, the insurance firms advertising their services through ICC needed complete assurance that their listing would be accessible at all times and, with more listings and more visitors than ever, ICC ran into limitations with their existing host. Searches and queries to their website began to be slow and become sluggish, while bouts of unplanned service outage became more and more frequent.

"I was far from happy with the performance of our website with our old host" says Kristen Birmingham, Owner of Insurance Claims Contractor Group. "But when I was finally in a position to move my company website to a new, more reliable provider, I was concerned about the size of the project. Large amounts of downtime seemed inevitable, and I would have to explain that to the thousands of insurers that have chosen to advertise with us."

The Hostek Solution

As soon as Kristen found, she was reassured that migrating to a new host can be quick and painless. drew on years of experience with ColdFusion hosting services to help find a plan that was right for ICC, and then set to work moving both the customer-facing side of the website and the vital, mission-critical databases that stored listings for individual insurers.

"I just stumbled upon and within 48 hours, my entire site was moved with minimal interruption," says Birmingham. "No angry advertisers wondering where their listing had gone - just the same site we already had, now offered on's reliable network. The sales and technical support teams at went above and beyond to be sure that every single aspect of my site was working properly. They made me confident that migrating was the right thing to do - and it was!"

Now, continues to grow, adding new listings every day and helping customers across America get in contact with the insurance claim provider they need. The ICC Group's ColdFusion web hosting plan from is capable of handling this ever-increasing traffic while maintaining outstanding performance. This is coupled with 24/7/365 customer support, renowned for speed and efficiency.

"There have been a handful of times that we have needed to contact support," says Birmingham. "And based on our old host, you never expect a reply right away. Usually, you have already found an answer for yourself before your host can get in contact. Not Their near-immediate response time is quite simply outstanding, and gives me complete peace of mind that my website is in good hands."

Insurance Claims Contractor Results

By moving its web presence to a large, reputable, and highly experienced host, the Insurance Claims Contractor Group can provide a robust guarantee to every advertiser that their listing will be available at all times. This improves conversions, increases sales and, ultimately, has seen the ICC website become even more popular since the move to ColdFusion web hosting.

"I am incredibly happy that ICC can service every area of the business without worrying about whether our hosting can keep up," says Birmingham. "We can handle queries from potential insurance claimants, provide an always accessible listing for advertisers, and - best of all - very few people, if any, will have noticed the switch to new servers. I look forward to a very long working relationship with They rock!"

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