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A Word From Our CEO

From the beginning, Hostek was founded on the idea of the best customer service for the industry, combined with the tenacity and ability to be able to solve any problem.

Additionally, I believe in treating others like I'd like to be treated. That goes for our great staff as well as our customers.

Infrastructure - Secure and Redundant

Hostek utilizes data centers in St. Louis, MO, Ashburn, VA and in the UK. Security and redundancy are key factors in all planning and implementation at each of our facilities.

  • Perimeter Firewall by default
  • Offsite Backups available
  • Private VLAN and VPN's
  • Full IaaS (vmWare) solutions
  • Scalable virtual dedicated servers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Private VLAN

A Private VLAN can be established between your virtual dedicated server for secure and fast communication. A common use for this is for the communication between an application server and your database server.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is available for secure, direct communication with your virtual dedicated server from your remote location like your office or home. Access via the VPN can be locked down to just the IP's that you know you know you connect from for added security.

Load Balancer

A load balancer can be used to spread the load between your virtual dedicated servers. An added benefit is that one server stays online while the other can be rebooted for patches, etc.

Dedicated Server Engineer Team

Customers utilizing our IaaS services, has access to our top level staff as well as our server engineers. The Hostek team is dedicated to making sure that we provide you with the service you need so that you don't have to worry about your servers.

One of Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies - Hostek makes the Inc 5000 list.

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