Why Choose Us

The Hostek Experience

Are you tired of waiting hours or days for a response? Or maybe you would like to actually understand what the support tech is saying? At Hostek our average ticket response is less than 20 minutes. Additionally our team is 100% staffed, with a great U.S. Support Team.

A situation came up in our company where we needed a simple VPS solution to do some basic form hosting for our marketing automation efforts… wow was my team surprised how hard it has been to find a reputable VPS service… So I decided to get involved myself because I didn't believe the troubles they were having.

Well, it was in fact WAY harder than I would have imagined. There are a bunch of companies out there that you can tell are running 100% offshore and that don't really care about delivering quality. Frustrating!

So far, Hostek has over-delivered and exceeded my expectations! Thank you for building a great product offering!

Ted Carpenter

One customer mentioned he “took a chance” with our support, but “now that he has experienced it, he wouldn't trade that for anything.” At Hostek, customers really can focus on their business instead of their hosting. You will be glad you took that chance too. Join Hostek now to see why customers love our support!

Hey you guys are awesome. Thank you so much Brian, just amazing …

Jesse C.

I've said it before, I'm saying it again. You guys are the best!

Tom Romeo

Hostek is hands-down the best hosting service I've ever worked with.

Thomas Bertino

World Class Environment

The Hostek world class environment starts with Dell's Enterprise grade Compellent SAN which is both optimized for write activity with RAID 10 and read activity with RAID 50. This is a highly optimized setup providing peak performance.

Our highly available infrastructure is built on vmWare which leads the world in virtualization.

Unlike most hosts, Hostek is committed to investing in new hardware; cycling out hardware years before most hosting providers.

Backups are often not thought about until you actually wish you had one. At Hostek we both replicate your data and provide a backup.

You should choose Hostek because of the combination of our experience, competitive pricing, performance and world class hosting environment.