Data Centre Locations

A data centre is where your server will be located. Hostek offers a variety of data centre locations.

Our data centres are strategically locationed in the Central US (St. Louis, MO) , East Coast US (Northern VA) and in the UK (Reading, UK).

Global Data Centre Locations

Our continually expanding data centres are strategically located across the globe to provide uncompromising reliability and performance.



Data centre security is a must. With multiple security levels in place just for building access, that is a key component of data centre security.

  •   24/7 manned facilities
  •   Biometric access control
  •   24/7 CCTV monitoring
  •   Photo ID access cards


From our Perimeter Firewall and redundant fiber backbones, we are able to provide you with the infrastructure that you need.

  •   IPS/IDS
  •   Managed Redundant Backbones
  •   Multiple 10 GigE Connections
  •   VLAN included for multiple servers
  •   VPN available


Without proper power, a server is just an oversized paperweight. With full redundancy at every level, we have taken every precaution to ensure proper power for your servers.

  •   Redundant Power Grid Feeds
  •   Multiple UPS's
  •   Redundant Diesel Generators
  •   Priority Diesel Fueling Contracts

St. Louis Data Centre

St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

Our St. Louis location, a Tier 3 data center, is strategically located in the heart of the U.S. and is home to the most connected building in St. Louis. This was our first location and continues to be a great choice by many customers due to its central location.

Ashburn Data Centre

Ashburn, Virginia (USA)

Our Ashburn VA location, a Tier 3 data center, was strategically selected for many reasons. A couple of those reasons are that 1) has the largest fiber backbone in the United States and 2) a great central location in relation to the NorthEast and East Coast U.S. population density.

Reading Data Centre

Reading (UK)

Our Reading, UK Data Centre location, a Tier 4 Data Centre, just outside of London is a great choice for anyone needing server or application hosting in the UK or anywhere in the European Union and beyond. We have built a fully redundant infrastructure top down based on our extensive experience.

This new Data Centre location has completely new Dell Compute and Dell Enterprise grade Storage (Compellent), running full SSD for optimized peformance.