Private Networking Connect Multiple Servers with a Private Network

What does this mean exactly?

The most common scenario includes one Web server and one Database server. For busy sites, it is common to off-load the database application server (MS SQL or MySQL) to a separate server for better performance and growth planning. A Private Network allows the web and database server to communicate at blazing speeds.

What are some benefits of using multiple servers?

  • Servers with dedicated tasks distribute the load for better performance overall
  • Scalability - easily add new servers or roles; quickly expand capacity

Am I a good fit for multi-server setup?

The best candidates either have one server that has too many responsibilities, or already have multiple servers. However if you have more than one server today you may be able to consolidate. There’s no need to purchase something you don’t need!

We find that customers who demand the highest performance from their environment benefit greatly from having multiple servers. This is because each role within their environment (i.e. database, web, email) can be scaled independently at any time. This also reduces the risk of a problem created only within one role impacting the entire server.

The benefits of Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

For the business using more than one VPS having a private network is a foundation for best practices. The immediate gains are realized when making database connections. Instead of traffic having to traverse a public connection, it’s direct. The attack surface is also minimized because access from public networks to specific services can be blocked. The benefits are powerful:

  1. Blazing fast
  2. Privacy & security for VPS to VPS traffic

There is little setup time required for VLAN; only a request to our support team and small waiting period.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN can provide a more secure, streamlined workflow for your business. Join existing local networks, or connect individual developer machines using an installable client. For companies with existing local authentication like active directory to manage and secure your hosted servers. A VPN is an add-on to the VLAN but multiple servers are not required. Setup is simple, our support team will work with you to configure and test the VPN to insure it’s working properly.

Even the smallest business can benefit from the security advantages of using a private network with VPN. But for the business using more than one VPS having a private network is a must. There’s very little involved in the setup; only a request to our support team and small waiting period. The benefits are powerful:

  • Blazing fast VPS to VPS traffic
  • Secure VPS to VPS traffic
  • Remote VPN capability

The benefits can be fully realized when making database connections. Instead of the traffic having to go through the VPS’s public connection and back, it’s direct. This also means you can limit the attack surface of your VPS’s by blocking all public connections for the database & other exposed services.

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Real Life Solution

The Crosby Group, a leading manufacturer had distributed applications and aggressive plans to deploy a new website. They desperately needed a hosting provider that could understand their goals and help them.

Their current “systems” were multiple hosted tools that needed to interact. Their new web site would use them, and they had to be fast. We helped organize the effort to categorize the importance, location and steps to move each tool. Combining these tools in one place would be an immediate performance gain.

To make this all work, new VPS servers were used for web, database and application services. These were all connected over the private network. The initial solution we outlined fixed three problems:

  • Distributed Tools
  • Unmanaged Environment
  • No Ability to Scale

Our first hurdle was combining everything they had into one place. This meant we had to backup and restore .NET Apps, SQL databases, Ruby App, NoSQL and it had to be flawless. With careful thought, we managed to move everything without any major problems. Crosby’s team was ecstatic to be making fast progress.

Over the coming months, their development team deployed new code on two new VPS’s as web servers. Their team required independent production and development servers, which they could not have easily added before. Having a private network & VPN meant Crosby Could:

  • Deploy code directly from in house developers to servers
  • Application to DB traffic was lightning fast
  • New website could quickly reach legacy tools

Their goals of a launching a new website & improving their infrastructure were achieved.

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