About Hostek

A Word From Our CEO

The ABC's listed below of our philosophy are just a sampling of how I feel about our customers and our staff.

When I started Hostek.com in 1998, I knew that providing excellent hosting services would start first and foremost with great customer service.

That excellent customer service commitment continues still today. With an average support ticket response time between 10 - 20 minutes, we continue to lead the way in Customer Service in the hosting industry. Instead of cutting corners, I am proud to say that our staff is comprised of a dedicated team, right here in the US, with no outsourcing of our support.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve your hosting needs. If you feel for any reason that we are not providing the level of customer service, or services, that you expect, please email me so we can improve. I love improving and I truly value your feedback and appreciate your business.


Brian Anderson, CEO


Helping others! When I examine what really makes me happy, I always come up with the same answer; helping others.

My desire is to provide our customers with the best hosting experience they have ever had and to provide our employees the greatest place to work they have ever experienced.

Based on feedback from customers and employees alike, I know we are achieving these goals.


Always treat others BETTER than you want to be treated. That's what I have always tried to practice, and I bring that same belief into our company philosophy. I know the common phrase is "like" instead of "better than", but to me, "like" isn't good enough!

Learn from every experience and improve. Over the years since starting in 1998, we have gained a lot of experience, and we have made lots of improvements. We do not make excuses. We make improvements!


Our commitment builds upon our belief. We are committed to providing better solutions, great service and an exceptional value.

We love solving problems for customers. With our VPS or VDS hosting, if you have a measureable performance indicator, we offer a 200% better solution guarantee.

Our support staff is committed to providing you timely and accurate solutions to your support needs.